Dr. Paul Wondracek


the incredible power of admiration

We live in a world where criticism is high and respect is low. We admire sports stars and celebrities but sneer at preachers and parents. Admiration is the key to all success!

blind spots

We live in a world that runs off logic and reason and it seems only in the movies that we witness societies attempt to display the miraculous side of life

Developing The Spirit of Excellence

Excellence seems to be the buzz word of the month for most people in business. Excellence is so much more to being good at something

Get your head out of the sand

Confrontation is an uncomfortable thing. Most of us try to avoid confrontation at any cost because of how it makes us feel

Never to Serve

One thing is sure about this life. You will never remain in the place that you refuse to serve. In a world of instant access


In a world where everyone is treated like a number and we’ve become satisfied with being tolerated God has made you unique 

Cheat sheet for leaders

Many leadership gurus today will tell you that leadership and management are the same thing and that my friend could not be further from the truth

The Four Laws of Connections

Connection is the key to success in relationships, in business, and in life. Nothing happens without a conversation. The most important part of any connection is a conversation, 

in the crucible of crisis

If you asked me to define what the difference between a mature and immature person would be there would obviously be many that I could list


There is a word that explains the need for human initiative. So many erroneously think that if it is supposed to be that it will just happen

life rhythym

It is really popular in today’s trending topics to hear about the term vibration. Experts everywhere say that everything has a vibration

Success patterns

The secret to success is not found in copying the success. Then we lack the essence of what it took for them to gain the success that they have realized

Bridge Builder

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